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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  September 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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l problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and my biggest reason to walk... ...calls me grandpa. ask your doctor about lyrica. hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." it is labor day, the traditional fall kickoff of the political season. i know you feel you're already in it but today is the day and
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the candidates are out in full force. hillary clinton is out stumping in iowa at this hour but it's new hampshire where she really might need to head there and focus because a brand new poll shows that vermont senator bernie sanders is leading her in new hampshire. our political team is in place, senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is near iowa. he's in iowa near hampton, illinois, i believe, and national correspondent sunlen serfaty is in new hampshire and senior political correspondent brianna keeler is in pittsburgh where the vice president, joe biden, just wrapped up a speech. so i'm going to go effectively left to right. i'm going to start with you, if you can, jeff, and let's talk about this new hampshire big surprise in the polls where hillary clinton all of a sudden is no longer the top dog. what happened there? >> well, what happens is senator bernie sanders, of course, that democratic socialist from vermont, next door vermont, has been capturing the hearts and
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minds of democratic voters in new hampshire. he's saying exactly what they want to hear, taking on the billionaires, going after wall street. his message is a little more hot and fiery than nik's is so that's what's happening in new hampshire and it's spilling over into iowa. hillary clinton is going to have to make her case more passion e passionately, more forcefully. that's what democrats tell me. her lead in iowa has dropped to 11 points over bernie sanders and that's down from 24 points, ashleigh, just a month or so ago here. so the trend lines are similar in both states. hillary clinton know she is has to afternoon it up in the five month stretch before the iowa caucuses launch this 2016 campaign. >> let me skip over to sunlen serfaty in new hampshire right now. there was another surprise for people who maybe aren't watching deeply and that is that john kasich is number two in new hampshire. i'm wondering if people are aware of that.
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if that was kind of a -- not a big surprise or that he's been focusing a lot of his attention and money in that state perhaps not as much elsewhere. >> that's right. it is surprising numbers but to the campaign i don't think it is all that surprising because we have seen governor kasich put in the ground work here in new hampshire. he's tried to build a solid foundation slowly. he has put in a significant amount of time. he's held regular town halls and made many appearances here in the state. but he's also put in the money. he really has done the ground in his campaign, responding to cnn today said they were pretty much not surprised by these numbers, that he's made a positive message on the trail so it's something we've seen recently, additional numbers going up for kasich. he has gained six percentage points in the last month. that's pretty much in line with the leader here in new hampshire, donald trump. trump has gained seven points so he's on par and i think we
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suspect that much of that support going to kasich is being stolen from jeb bush who is seeing his numbers dwindle in this state. ashleigh? >> i want to head south to brianna keilar standing by right now live. listen, i don't think people realize that joe biden isn't running yet because it always feels like we've got a reporter on his trail, that he's giving a speech and that he's polling really well, again, not having declared he's in the running. talk to me about the head-to-head contests, though, that were matched up in these polls. >> these head-to-head contests, ashleigh, would be very encouraging to joe biden because he actually bests hillary clinton in pairups, matchups against jeb bush and donald trump both in iowa and new hampshire but let's check out the iowa numbers. he's within striking distance of jeb bush, two points behind him, he bests donald trump by three points and the favorability of joe biden is very high in iowa. higher than hillary clinton's.
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you'll see there among democrats they both are doing pretty well on favorability. but joe biden bests her on favorability among all caucus goers, depths and republicans. if you watched him last week, it was a really tough speech he gave in florida. you might have thought he's not running, he seems just overcome by grief for the loss of his son beau biden back in may but if you saw him here today in pittsburgh you might think he is running. he was very fiery as he spoke to union members here at the beginning of the labor day parade. he talked a lot about the middle-class. i asked him about this as he started off on the parade route. here's what he said. >> mr. vice president, sounds like you have a rationale for running. >> i'm going to run part of this parade. >> reporter: are you running? is that a declaration? >> and that, ashleigh, is literally what he is doing as we
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speak. he is zigzagging across the parade route, jogging to talk to supporters on each side of the parade. some are saying you should run, some are telling him he can beat hillary and he's taking selfies, taking photos with kids. today this is a very spirited, passionate joe biden we're seeing in pittsburgh. >> that is a fun assignment, i won't lie. when you get to cover joe biden, that's fun. brianna keilar working on labor day and having fun, thank you. sunlen serfaty, good to see you. jeff zeleny, also to you, too, thank you for working on labor day. we have someone else who's been busy despite it being a weekend, that's sarah palin. she says she knows the position she wants if donald trump becomes president in his cabinet -- energy secretary. she spoke with jake tapper on state of the union and she said a whole lot about that and a whole lot about a whole lot more. have a listen to this. >> i think a lot about the department of energy because energy is my baby, oil and gas and mineral, those things god
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has dumped on this part of the earth for mankind's use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations for us to import their resources. i think a lot about department of energy and if i were head of that i'd get rid of it and i'd let the states start having more control over the lands that are within their boundaries and the people who are affected by the developments within their states so, you know, if i were in charge of that, it would be a short-term job but it would be really great to have someone who knows energy and is pro-responsible development to be in charge. >> so the governor also had a few nice words for another gop hopeful, and you betcha those words were in american. >> it's a benefit of jeb bush to be able to be so fluent in
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spanish because we have a large and wonderful hispanic population that is helping to build mechanic. on the other hand, i think we can send a message and say you want to be in america, a, you better be here legally or you're out of here, b, when you're here, let's speak american. >> she did go on to clarify she meant english and my accent, i say that because i am pretty much from the same area, north of the 49th so i have that accent, too. just a reminder, cnn will host the next presidential debate, the top republican candidates facing off september 16 and then in october, cnn will host the first democratic debate. so stick with us for the latest on the race for the white house. coming up next, he killed the legendary lion named cecil and now he's talking about that killing. the walter palmer interview we've all been waiting to hear.
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we got this news just into cnn, a top lawyer in new york governor andrew cuomo's administration was shot and rushed to the hospital. apparently he's in critical condition, 43 years old. his name is carrie gabe. the governor says he was wounded by "a seemingly random bullet." in a statement, governor cuomo went on to say this tragic shooting is the latest heartbreaking reminder that the crime of gun violence must stop. enough young innocent people have died and it must stop now. we'll continue to follow that story for you. then there's this. few news stories have stirred more international outrage than
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that this one. the killing of cecil the lion. in the six weeks since walter palmer, an american, was exposed as the hunter whose arrow killed the legendary zimbabwen lion, he's been shamed on evening newscast and late night talk shows but he himself has said virtually nothing -- until now. he's given an interview with the associated press and the minneapolis star tribune. and during this interview he said despite ongoing threats he is ready to return to a life in public and get back to work as well. cnn's boris sanchez fills us in. >> reporter: breaking highs silence in his first interview, the minnesota dentist who sparked an international firestorm after killing cecil the lion on an african safari. walter palmer, who has kept out of pub t public eye since
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killing the 13-year-old beloved big cat in july telling the stastar tribune that he will will be resuming work at his minneapolis practice this tuesday. he says he's "heartbroken" on the toll this has taken on his dental staff and family saying about his wife and daughter "they've been threatened in the social media and i don't understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all." since facing worldwide backlash after the hunt, including a clamoring cry for his extradition by zimbabwean officials, palmer has not been charged with a crime. in previous statement he says he relied on the expertise of his guides. in his interview he expressed regret but insisted the hunt was legal saying "if i had known this lion had a name and was important to the country or a study obviously i would haven't taken it." palmer didn't address whether he would return to zimbabwe for
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questioning only saying "zimbabwe has been a wonderful country for me to hunt in and i have always followed the laws." >>. >> boris sanchez is here with me now, i keep thinking about him going back to the office when there's a genuine threat against his life. >> we can expect protesters similar to what we saw after the news broke of this. interestingly, the bloomi bloom said they won't have officers in anticipation of the protesters, they'll wait and see if things get out of hand. >> there's an upside to this. worldwide people have come out in support of the cause. >> certainly, you mentioned the late night talk show host that spoke about how this affected them. jimmy kimmel was one of them. gave a very almost tearful response. >> she was really moved. >> part of his response was pushing people to donate to the national park in is zimbabwe where cecil lived. they've raised almost a million
9:16 am
dollars since the incident. that's four years worth of running an operation as big as that so it's a big deal and a silver lining to an other weiss sad incident. >> just quickly, there's a whole staff that works at that dental office, maybe walter palmer hasn't been there but the staff went back. have they been okay? have they been harassed? >> there haven't been any incident there is from what we can tell but his vurn what may incite some kind of action or some kind of visceral response from protesters. >> we'll have to watch to see what happens tomorrow. thank you, boris, for being on the story. appreciate it. up next, the new flood of refugees from middle eastern wars and the growing crisis in hungary and austria and germany. the situation more desperate with each passing day and so many of them are just so little.
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together, we're building a better california. britain is the latest european country to offer refuge to all of those families who are fleeing the war in syria. late this morning, the prime minister there, david cameron, told parliament that the uk will welcome 20,000 of these people over the next five years. earlier, france made a pledge to take in 24,000. and those numbers are on top of the 17,000 plus who flooded the train platforms in munich over the weekend. and still this crisis is far from over. refugees by the thousands are continuing to stream toward hungary, a country that has made it really clear the refugees are not welcome to stay there. the government is vowing to put
9:21 am
up a fence, saying it wants to seal its border with syria. or at least seal its border where they're come from syria. and we go now to cnn's senior international correspondent ar a a -- arwa damon who is watching what it looks like upon entry. >> ashleigh, what we have here is a sit-in being carried out mostly by the syrians who make up a good bulk of the population here at what is supposed to just be something of a holding area before people are then transferred on to the transit camp where they begin the process of registration. but instead we have this sit-in. you see that sign the man is holding up, "we are human, we need help." this is something we have been hearing throughout our experience in hungary at every single step of the way. [ speaking arabic ]
9:22 am
they've been here for the last two days trying to live in these decrepit conditions in the field back there and that is why at this point they're absolutely fed up. you have a man over there who has "s.o.s." written on his hand and another woman who on her arm written is "we are not animals." and here you have the police that is blocking their route. down the road is actually transit camp that they are all meant to be going to to begin this process of registration. things have been fairly tense here in this border area, and this is basically what greets the refugees when they finally do arrive from the end of these train tracks. these are the train tracks that they follow, ashleigh, as they move from serbia into hungary. >> arwa damon on the serbian border with hungary. just a remarkable story developing there. where do these people go next? cnn's senior international
9:23 am
correspondent frederik pleitgen joins me from the train station in vienna, austria. arwa was reporting so many of these refugees are on the march or on the trains trying to get out of hungary bound for austria or germany. you here in austria, it seem this is would be the promise land for them going on to better lives but it seems like it's yet another stopping point. what's happening? >> it certainly is yet another stopping point. it's so interesting because over the weekend there were about 17,000 people who went through austria since floodgates open on the night between friday and saturday because what happened was the hungarians weren't allowing anybody to pass into austria, then they said they would put people on buses and bus them to austria. almost all of them want to go on to germany so 17,000 brought near austria over the weekend and all of them except a couple
9:24 am
dozen decided to go to germany. the area you're seeing behind me is the west train station of vienna and that's where this happens. the austrian railway company has put forward a lot of special trains to help people get to germany. their first station is usually munich. what happens is that that is the first place they get registered as refugees here in europe is actually in germany. but virtually everybody we've been speaking to us is telling us they're getting a lot of help here in austria, there's a lot of nations being brought forward. but the vast, vast majority say their final destination is going to be germany, ashleigh. >> frederik pleitgen, i have so many more questions for you but your signal is breaking up in vienna, austria, so i'll let you go. in the meantime, what fred was just reporting is remarkable. germany said it will take in up to 800,000 refugees. just think about that for a
9:25 am
moment. nearly a million people that country is going to absorb, the chancellor saying that earlier last week. coming up next, an incredibly sad day in illinois as friends and family and fellow police officers say good-bye to an officer who was gunned down in the line of duty. if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar.
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pictures sadly we are seeing all too often, another officer fallen officer being laid to rest by so many of his colleagues. friends and families, neighbors, admirer, fellow men and women in blue converging this hour on this high school. it's the alma mater of fox lake illinois police lieutenant joe gliniewicz. this six days after gliniewicz was shot dead while pursuing three suspects. antioch high school near the wisconsin boarder is hosting this wake and funeral for a man many called g.i. joe. cnn's ryan young is also there. ryan, it's so frustrating to constantly have these stories where i go out to a correspondent giving me the mood among so many officers who come
9:30 am
from so far away to bury one of their own and i feel like i have to do this again even though it's repetitive, joe gliniewicz was a special guy. a lot of people really liked him and people from far away got to like him, too. >> and a lot of people are touched by this story. you talked to police officers whom we worked with all the time. the way this has impacted them has been so very different. you can see the outpouring from people who decided to come here to pay honor to this man who was very involved with the community, especially with police explorers and young people. j us to show you the line going on here, ashleigh, look at the line of officers on this side. we know more than a thousand officers are going to participate in this procession throughout this community. there's a route that's about 17 miles that they're going go to, this will take more than an hour to do this procession but as we've seen throughout this community, the american flags that are just all over the place and when you look at the trees in this community, all tied with blue ribbons, you see the black lines, you see all this because people wanted to show their support for this community for
9:31 am
this man, a father of four husband, someone married for over 20 years but if you look back in this direction you can see the flag put up here. so many people have been looking at that flag that the firefighters put up this morning talking about the idea that not only is all this going on but the idea they still want the lee suspects caught. a $50,000 reward is out there but as you can understand everyone's focused on what's happening on the inside of this funeral today because they want to pay respects to a man who's so beloved in this community. >> we saw his widow, melody, give such a touching tribute to a group of people who gathered to mourn alongside her several days ago and four sons as well. are they at the high school yet, ryan? >> they could be here. the shot that we have that we can watch from the backside as you can see people walking through, the family hasn't been there yet. we were there at the memorial,
9:32 am
the candlelight individual jill and got to see the family speak. his best friend smoke from and did a poem and everyone started crying during the poem. they made an agreement between the two of them that if one or them were to fall in the line of duty that they would write a poem for the other and it touched people to talk about how he was so into this community. so it was interesting to see how the outpouring of more than 1200 people showing up for that event and now what's happening here because since about 8:30 this morning, you can see the line of cars, the line of people showing up. in fact, they have to have shuttle service to bring people in who want to attend this funeral. >> not surprised. ryan young, thank you for that, appreciate it. lieutenant gliniewicz got us very familiar with the police department you might have not heard about before, the fox lake police department. now you're about to get more familiar as well with the las vegas metro police department because two officers were targeted last night. coming up, i'll speak with their public information officer and
9:33 am
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a sobering reminder that police officers face everyday in every city in every routine call. this comes courtesy of last, it happened yesterday. two officers ambushed, nothing short of ambushed, while they
9:37 am
were stopped at a traffic light. they were on their way to check out a disturbance at a business when a man with a semiautomatic handgun simply walked up to their cruiser and opened fire, hitting one of the officers in the hand. the officer officer was not hit and chased down that suspect on foot and arrested that suspect without firing a shot. at last check, the wounded officer was in "good condition." i want to bring in sergeant john sheehan on the phone from the las vegas metro police department. sergeant thanks so much for taking the time. can you tell me more details about what happened in this incident and who this person is that they brought in. >> well, i can tell you right now, ashleigh, is our officers were responding to a service call at the 99 cent store on the northwest corner of that intersection where our officers were in their patrol car. as they sat in their vehicle waiting if the light to change,
9:38 am
in the left-hand turn waiting to go westbound, a person on foot came up to them tearing a springfield xd .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun and opened fire on the vehicle. luckily -- i want to repeat luckily -- our officer was only hit in hand. it could have been much, much worse. our suspect took off in an eastbound direction. the officer that was not struck was able to get out of the car, that being the driver of our patrol vehicle chased after this suspect and was able to apprehend anymore a parking lot east of the shooting. >> i'm going to get to that suspect in a minute but take me back to the moment they were trying to turn left at the stoplight. did the suspect come up an the driver's side or the passenger's side and how close to the vehicle did that suspect get before starting to fire? >> it would appear the suspect was close enough where he was out in traffic when he made the shot. we're going to do another press
9:39 am
conference tomorrow where we get into distances and everything else and, again, that will speak towards the prosecution of the case as well. but is suffice it to say the intent was there to take the officers' lives and that basically is what happened. >> he fiow many shots did he fi off? >> he fired off more than a couple and our csi people were able to fire rounds and figure out where he shot from at the scene. >> have those ballistic tests have been completed. have you connected them the gun and was the gun found on the suspect when they caught them? >> ballistic tests you have to remember will be a moot point. our officer -- our victim officers were witnesses to the crime itself. so the suspect was never out of our officers' sight so yes there will be ballistic tests but that is secondary as far as evidentiary value goes in
9:40 am
something like this where the officers were witnesses. >> sergeant sheahan, that's very important. you said the suspect was never out of the sight of the officers who were shot at. they kept a beat on him from the moment he shot to the moment they apprehended him? >> that's correct. >> that's huge evidence. is there any other witness in the case? >> there were witnesses that witnessed the subject running from our officers and witnessed the subject throw the weapon up against the curb as he ran into the parking lot of a nearby 7-eleven and was taken into the custody by the officer. again, i want to stress what type of restraint our officers used in not opening fire on this subject. he's running away and yes, he's got a gun and, yes, he had just fired into their vehicle but at the moment he threw the gun down the threat was over and there was no reason to fire on this suspect. and our job then reversed to just taking this person into
9:41 am
custody. >> sergeant sheahan, that person -- i'm sorry to interrupt and i have to cut this short. do we have a name or an age or any information on the suspect yet? >> the suspect has given us a couple of different residences and has been not very forthcoming as far as identity, as far as where he lives. that's been pinned down now and the clark county district attorney as well as the clark county sheriff, that being the head of las vegas metropolitan police department, will be speaking to that at a press conference tomorrow afternoon. >> i so appreciate your taking the time to speak with us. i am sorry you're in the circumstance you are in. sergeant sheahan, thank you. sergeant john sheahan joining us from the las vegas metro police department. jonathan gilliam joins us now. a former police officer, former fbi special agent, former navy seal, all around bad ass. you heard that interview, you heard what he said.
9:42 am
they're proud the officers exercised restraint yet this guy allegedly unloaded several bullets towards those officers. why exercise restraint at that point? >> listen, i know officer sheahan is a public affairs officers so he's speaking in a very politically correct way but i just think that this speech that we're getting towards now is so generated by attorneys and executives and it's dangerous to the officers because, look, this is the facts. that guy intended to kill an officer when he shot at them therefore he is somebody that is now an imminent threat, whether he's running away with a weapon or standing there facing him. i think going out and trying to make the public realize they offered restraint, what they should make the public realize is that this guy is lucky that at the end of this he threw the gun down because he could have been and probably should have been shot in the back as he ran away from this scene. >> and legally you can shoot someone, a fleeing felon, in the back if they have a weapon that
9:43 am
could injure other people, many different jurisdictions might be different, i have to check that. >> well, case law for supreme court says that you can't. >> jonathan gillian, thanks for joining us. appreciate having your insight. we don't a holiday for a county clerk who refused to give those marriages licenses out in kentucky. nope, she's doing her job in prison right now. she's in jail. her lawyers are having to work overtime to get her out of jail. they're actually appealing the situation that got her in jail. but how? how are they appealing it? it seems so cut and dry. but is it? heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement.
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liberty mutual insurance. . kim davis would not have been in the office today anyway, being that it's labor day, but she's working hard. her hopes for getting back to that office any time soon now rest with a federal court of appeals. as you may know, this woman in the mug shot is the elected clerk of rowan county, kentucky. she's spending a fifth day locked up because she defied a federal judge's order to go ahead and issue marriage licenses, gay or straight. but she stopped doing that because she cited religious objections when the supreme court of the u.s. recognized same-sex marriage as a constitutional right and said it's now her job to give out those licenses. she says that does not work well with my religion and i have that right. enter my lawyer cnn legal
9:48 am
analyst danny cevallos and trial attorney heather hanson. here's the question i have. while she sit there is -- and i call this the self-imposed jail sentence because you can end it at any time if you just stop contempting the court. she's had her lawyers appeal and it's a very strange technical appeal. can you outline what it is they say went wrong? >> they don't have a very good substantive appeal so they're appealing on procedure. they're saying this judge has made the decision before they were given the opportunity to argue their point and the reason that they're say that is the case is because the staff was there and ready to take her to jail. they're trying to say that would not have happened but for the fact that the judge had made a decision. it's a weak, weak argument. >> danny, didn't they also suggest that kim davis didn't have any notice that she might be headed off to the pokey? isn't that what happens when you go before a judge and that's a possibility of cop tempt? >> well, first of all, this is not a criminal trial, this is a civil contempt hearing.
9:49 am
civil contempt hearings are different constitutionally and procedurally from a criminal trial and the most marked difference is that the con team more to is entitled to much less procedural protections because as you said, she holds the keys to her own jail cell in her pocket. she can do whatever it is she's not doing and get out at any time. for that reason you see lower standards in civil contempt cases. in this case, ostensibly if she complies with the court order she will be out of jail tomorrow. >> well, we will have to see what the sixth circuit appellate judges have to say about this very weird appeal. i don't think i've seen something like this before but it's fascinating. it never gets old does it? >> this case will keep on going. >> thank you heather and danny. appreciate it. age 14. this young kid gets wrapped up in the detroit drug scene and by 17 he was legendary. a drug dealer even with a fancy
9:50 am
street name, white boy rick. take a look at rick worshy. he ended up in prison. the sentence in life no patrol. guess what? next week he may walk free. what's the big deal about this anyway? turns out a lot. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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a detroit man who became famous as a teenaged drug dealer who kind of looked a little like opie, so much so he got a nickname, "white boy rick." well, that man could soon be released from prison. after cooling his years there for 27 years. his name is richard wershe, jr., goes by rick, rick, jr. now he's 46 years old. obviously that's a long time ago he got that mug shot. he was convicted in '88 on michigan's so-called 650 lifer law. fancy way of saying if you had 650 grams of cocaine or more in your possession automatic life in prison no parole don't ask questions. it was one of the harshest drug statutes ever in the united states. and wershe just so happened to have eight kilos on him -- kind of on him. and that was worth about $5 million. at the time of the crime he was 17. by the time he was sentenced he
9:55 am
was 18. but five years ago in 2010 the supreme court had something to say about kids like this. that ruled that sentencing juvenile offenders to life with no chance of parole ever for anything other than a murder was just unconstitutional. can't do it. you can't put kids away forever. so wershe got parole eligible as did everyone else swept up along the way. strangely enough, a lot of those people swept up along the way, they all eventually got out. but 27 years later, wershe is still in there, last man standing. murderers have been out in this amount of time. drug dealers who did way bigger deals out. but in every parole hearing for rick wershe he has been denied. so last week a judge made a decision that something stinks in detroit and she is allowing this kid now grown up to be
9:56 am
resentenced next week and she was harsh in the way she addressed the court about this. i want to bring in evan hughes, the author of a piece called "the trials of white boy rick." it's in the atavis magazine and if you have five hours, it's good reading. this reporting is exhaustive: >> thank you. >> i need you to do what you can to me to break down an extraordinarily intricate series of events that landed that little opie-faced kid in prison for as long as he's been and still he can't get out. effectively what happened? >> well, so it's quite a story. when he was around 14 years old he went from 14 to 17 he went from being a hanger on with some tough -- a tough crowd, to a real dealer. and he became a celebrity in detroit. he was -- he never had a driver's license but he had fancy cars, he had mink coat, he had rolex watches and the big
9:57 am
thing was this novelty of this baby-faced white kid. he was operating in a world that was largely black and he was a big deal. >> so it turns out that the weird thing that people would haven't known back then, as you report, is that he was an informant. you allege he was an informant for the fbi trying to get these drug dealers he was cavorting with behind bars? >> that's right. that's the piece of the legend that the public didn't know is that all of that that time he had been cultivated as an informant from the age of 14. this was an allegation that was out there. it was not something i believed at first before i looked into. >> it but you've dug up a lot of documents and talked to former agents who are now probably in their 60s and 70s and they're telling you that you're on to something. this happened. >> this is true. >> but what gets complicated is he ends up in the pokey because of the eight kilos of cocaine. and then he turns his sights
9:58 am
once again, as you allege, for the feds on corrupt cops. is this where his trouble has really begun? >> that's right. he was -- he informed really not only well he was in prison but beforehand he informed on some powerful people in law enforcement and in the leadership of the city of detroit. and there's very suggestive evidence that that has worked against him. that there are a lot of people who have fought to keep him behind bars. >> is there any definitive proof that white boy rick, rick wershe's exhaustive work behind bars led to the incarceration of numerous police officers for corruption and this in turn for that police officers have sought year after year after year to make sure he never gets out in retribution? is that what you're alleging? >> definitive proof is a high bar, but i think the evidence is very clear that cops turned out
9:59 am
in force when he had a parole hearing and spoke against him. they weren't even familiar with him on a personal level and there were people who -- they wield a lot of power and the strongest element of proof is people convicted of violent crimes who are much older and seasoned criminals, they've all been released. and not just last year but tens of years ago. >> there's something in your piece about one of those police officers who apparently testified at a parole hearing, himself ended up in prison. >> that's right. >> and spilled the beans. now granted a person who is behind bars by police would not like the police so i'm sure the police would say he's lying but he according to rick said that's what's happened? >> he confirmed there was an organized effort to keep him back. >> it's great reading q. president tri"the
10:00 am
trials of white boy rick." we reached out to the detroit police but wayne county prosecutor's office. it's labor day, it's hard to get comment. the detroit police's voice mailbox is full and wayne county prosecutors say they won't issue any further statements beyond what their briefs in court have shown so we'll follow this story but the hearing to see whether white boy rick gets a new sentence which could be time served is next week. we'll keep you posted. thanks for watching, everybody. "wolf" starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. this just coming into cnn. we're learning new details now about an american held captive by houthi rebels in yemen. let's get straight to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. tell us about what you're learning. >> wolf, a source close to this family of this man identifies the ameri


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